How to Quickly Ripen Bananas?

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The paper-bag approach ripens the majority of bananas in a handful of days if you need to ripen a banana quickly. But what if there are no days?

What if you need bananas that are not just ripe, but completely overripe, and you need them immediately? And by "now" we mean in around 30 minutes?

Ethylene gas from ripening bananas creates three ripening enzymes. One darkens skin and one softens fruit. Amylase changes bananas from starchy to sweet, and then to liquid sugar.

Amylase is the enzyme responsible for turning overripe bananas into a puddle of mush by the time you remember to check on them.

However, this is also the reason why your wonderfully overripe bananas result in such a delicious, moist, and delicate banana bread.

If only there was a way to use the power of amylase to turn a green banana into the starch-free, sugar-only goo that makes home-baked banana bread so delicious.

There is, and it only requires knowing how to separate an egg and an egg yolk. Custard-makers must wait until their creamy mixture is boiling before adding egg yolks.

Banana bread needs luscious banana ooze. Mash unripe bananas with two raw egg yolks per eight ounces of fruit and wait 30 minutes. You will see!

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