How You Can Store Mushrooms To Extend Their Life?

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Mushrooms, from earthy shiitakes to meaty creminis to nutty morels, add an essential texture and depth of flavor to so many of our favorite foods.

Mushrooms of all shapes and sizes are regulars in our grocery carts, whether we're planning to use them as a simple pizza topping, or anything else.

If you like to buy packs of button mushrooms or chanterelles at the market, you may be unsure how to store them.

Mushrooms, which are sponges that soak up liquid, can get slimy if they're wrapped too tightly before refrigeration.

To provide the mushrooms with the airflow they require, place them in a paper bag before placing it in the refrigerator's main compartment.

Don't bother washing them beforehand; they'll just soak up all the water. Mushrooms have a shelf life of about 10 days if stored correctly.

Picking mushrooms like shiitakes and portabellos, which have large gills, can help them keep for a longer period of time in the fridge.

According to the source, removing the gills of a mushroom by scraping them with a butter knife is an excellent technique to extend their shelf life by several hours or days.

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