Indications Of You Being in Toxic Relationship

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1) It's more take & less give

If you are just giving and another person is not giving anything like time, love, or attention, then it is not worth it.

2) Always criticizing you

Surely your other half should give an opinion but it is not good if they are always criticising you.

3) No trust

If your partner is always distrusting you, then surely it is not a healthy relationship.

4) You feel drained

You should feel good in a healthy relationship but if it is the opposite then it is not worth it.

5) No support

If no support is given by your partner in any way, then you are surely in an a toxic and meaningless relationship.

6) Feeling down 

If you feel down in the relationship then it means it is not good relationship.

7) Constant hostility

If you feel angry and upset in the relationship then it will take on your personal health. 

8) Disrespect

If there is disrespect in the relationship about anything, then what is the meaning of being in one?

9) Constant blame game

If your partner is not accepting mistakes and constantly blaming you, it means the relationship is toxic one.

10) Big Fights

If you are having big fights over and over again, then you are surely not in a good relationship.

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