Interesting Facts About World War I

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1) More than  30 nations were involved in World War 1 from 1914 to 1918

2) Around 2 Million people died in World War 1, about 9.7 Million from military and 10 million civilians.

3) The total cost of World War 1 was about $208 Billion (about $11 Trillion today)

4) More than 12,000 Native Americans served in US Army in World War 1

5) The Term 'World War 1' was first used by Time Magazine on June 12th, 1939 edition.

6) Initially tanks were called 'Landships', but later their name changed to 'Tanks'

7) With more than 12 million troops, Russia had largest army in World War 1

8) About 2.35 African soldiers also took part in World War 1, with 250,000 dying.

9) Tanks were named Male & Females. Tanks with cannons were male and with machine guns, females. 

10) About 8 Million Horses died in World War 1.

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