Is Adding Butter In Your Coffee Good For You?

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How it started?

There is a strange coffee trend that started in Tibet. It was there that Dave Asprey, the man behind Bulletproof coffee, tried his first cup of tea made with yak butter.

Soon after, Asprey began experimenting with his own take on the drink, and the result was Bulletproof coffee, also known as coffee with butter.

Many people assume that because Bulletproof coffee contains so much butter, it provides all the same health benefits as the ketogenic diet.

The Claims

According to the Bulletproof website, the fat in the beverage aids with attention, hunger control, and fat burning.

Butter, coconut oil, and coffee are supposed to improve cognitive performance and increase energy levels, making its users unstoppable.

So, is it really beneficial?

Even though it's a keto drink that's gained a lot of popularity, there's not a lot of research to back up claims that it has any positive nutritional effects.


According to BBC Good Food, Bulletproof coffee isn't a suitable substitute for a healthy breakfast because it lacks a variety of nutrients.

Healthline states

Healthline reports that people react differently to high-fat diets, thus not everyone can benefit from drinking Bulletproof coffee in the morning.


Bulletproof coffee, like every diet, claims to be the optimal beverage option, yet this claim may be misleading.

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