Is It Healthy to Snack on Almonds at Night?

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Yes, It Is Good!

A handful of almonds can be a good choice for a late night snack. Almonds are a good source of tryptophan, which is needed to make melatonin.

The hormone melatonin controls our sleep-wake cycles, so an adequate supply of it can help us get to sleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer.

The body naturally produces the hormone melatonin, but you can increase its production by consuming foods that stimulate its production.

Magnesium Will Help Get Better Sleep

Almonds are also a strong source of magnesium, an extra vitamin that can help persons with insomnia sleep better.

Magnesium is necessary for the relaxation of muscles and the production of serotonin, both of which contribute to feelings of calm and well-being.

If you're having trouble unwinding and falling asleep because of stress or anxiety, try eating some magnesium-rich nuts like almonds.

Protein Will Also Help To Sleep

Almonds are also an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, which may improve your nighttime sleep.

Try snacking on some almonds before bed to keep from getting hungry in the middle of the night and bingeing.

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