Is It Ok To Leave Houseplants In Rain?

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Caring for houseplants, whether you have a few here and there or an entire indoor jungle, can be a very satisfying hobby.

Many people choose to move their houseplants outdoors during hot, humid weather and thunderstorms because most houseplants are tropical or subtropical in origin. But is it okay?

It's true that rainwater is great for your houseplants, but that doesn't mean you can always count on Mother Nature to deliver the goods.

Plant Care for Beginners warns against exposing your plant to the elements while it's raining for two reasons: the temperature and the amount of water.

If the rainfall is too cold, it could easily kill the plant's root system. Likewise, excessive rainfall without adequate drainage can drown your plant or at the very least cause root rot.

The rapidity of the rain can be too much for some plants, even in favorable conditions, such as warm weather and adequate drainage.

Finally, your plant's leaves may be harmed by the rain or wind if they are too heavy or too strong. As a result, it's not a good idea to leave your plants outside when it's raining.

Collecting rainwater and watering your houseplants is a much safer and much more controlled method, but it is still extremely beneficial.

Before using the collected rainwater to water your houseplants, simply allow it to warm or cool to room temperature and remove any visible debris.

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