Is It Okay to Skip Lunch?

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To Skip Lunch?

Skipping a meal makes it more difficult to meet daily nutrient requirements. Regardless of how hectic your day is, lunch breaks will keep you well-nourished.

Sometimes it is acceptable to skip lunch. If it becomes a habit, your body adapts to a "reduced fuel intake," which is unhealthy, according to Bruning.

What can it do?

This may eventually cause a slowed metabolism and vitamin deficiency. It could make you hungrier at night, leading to overeating.

The Negative Outcomes

The levels of glucose and insulin in the blood can also rise if you eat too much late at night. High blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, & diabetes are all possible outcomes.

Effect on Mood

Your mood, productivity, and concentration could all take a hit if you don't get enough calories throughout the day.

It has been shown that dieting raises irritability and agitation, lowers motivation, and adds to anxiousness and melancholy.

What to eat?

Beans, lean protein, and a variety of fruits and vegetables make for the ideal lunch. These foods keep you fuller for longer and help you avoid midday slumps.

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