Is It Safe To Drink Green Tea During Pregnancy?

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Pregnant women must stay hydrated. Water forms placenta and amniotic fluid. A pregnant woman should drink 8 to 12 cups everyday.

However, certain meals and beverages should not be consumed in excess. Green tea has many health benefits, but excessive consumption during pregnancy can be dangerous.

Green Tea is beneficial, but!

Green tea contains an extremely high concentration of polyphenolic antioxidants, which aid in the fight against infection-causing free radicals.

It can be hamrful

However, the beverage contains trace amounts of caffeine, which could be harmful to the DNA if consumed in high quantities.

1) Miscarriage

Through the placenta, caffeine can quickly reach the baby's circulation. It can induce fetal DNA damage and miscarriage.

2) Stillbirth

Caffeine is dangerous to pregnant women. Even though green tea has few calories, excessive consumption can induce stillbirth.

3) Premature birth

There are several causes of premature birth, which may result in severe birth defects due to improper organ development.

4) Low birth weight

Caffeine in green tea may increase blood pressure and heart rate if consumed in excess. This is the primary reason behind the low birth rate.

5) It's A Diuretic

Green tea is a diuretic that promotes frequent trips to the bathroom and water loss. Therefore, it is vital to consume sufficient water and maintain hydration.

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