Is Lavender Harmful For Dogs?

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You may be wondering if the calming perfume of lavender might be beneficial for your dog, as it always is for you. But is lavender safe for dogs?

Is It Harmful?

Although lavender contains a chemical that is toxic to dogs, it is unlikely that your dog will come into contact with enough of it to cause harm.

Although linalool, a potentially toxic molecule, is present in lavender, there is so little of it in the plant that it poses no risk to dogs.

It can be beneficial!

In fact, if your dog suffers from anxiety, small amounts of lavender can help alleviate some of its symptoms.

There was a study done in 2006 that indicated that when the car had a faint lavender scent, the dogs sat quietly instead of barking and pacing.

Use of lavender oil with dogs may be risk-free if done so properly. Lavender essential oils provide a health risk if used undiluted.

How to use?

Instead of using lavender oil, try a candle or incense with your pet. Keep your dog away from any burning items.

Do your research to be sure it's safe to use lavender oil on your dog before trying it at home.

Lavender can relax certain dogs, but improper use can be dangerous. It is essential to introduce it cautiously with your veterinarian's consent.

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