Is Milk Harmful For Diabetics?

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If milk is a nutritional powerhouse, does this imply that consuming it could be beneficial for diabetics?

It can be beneficial!

According to Dr. Pakhi Sharma of Phable, diabetic individuals can benefit from drinking milk, but only if they consume the appropriate type of milk.


Milk's low glycemic index (GI) of 31 suggests that it may not spike blood sugar levels as rapidly as foods with a higher GI.

How it benefits?

Milk's calcium and vitamin D help develop strong bones, so diabetics can still reap the benefits of milk's bone-building characteristics by selecting sugar-free or low-fat types.

This is particularly important for diabetics, as these nutrients can help avoid fractures brought on by diabetes.


However, diabetics should avoid or minimize consumption of high-sugar milk products, such as whole milk, wherever possible.

Despite their deliciousness, flavored milks such as chocolate or strawberry milk can be rich in carbs and total fat in addition to sugar.

The Right Amount

Instead, patients with diabetes should limit themselves to two or three glasses of sugar-free milk each day, as recommended by Dr. Sharma.


In addition, read the food label before buying low-fat milk, as some varieties still contain high levels of sugar and carbs.

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