Is Mouthwash Really Expirable?

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Yes, mouthwash does indeed expire. However, it might be difficult to determine the expiration date, as some may not have an expiration date on the label.

Mouthwash can generally be stored for two to three years after the manufacturer's date of manufacture, according to Healthline.

Most mouthwashes contain alcohol or another antiseptic in addition to water, and that antibacterial will eventually begin to degrade.

You'll end up with more water than alcohol as a result, and it's possible that this can encourage the growth of hazardous bacteria.

Using mouthwash that has passed its expiration date exposes you to the risk of ingesting bacteria, but it also does nothing for the health of your teeth.

Your mouthwash will no longer effectively clean your teeth, prevent tooth decay, or leave your breath smelling minty fresh.

Even before the expiration date, you should discard your mouthwash if you see a change in its color, odor, or consistency.

If your mouthwash doesn't have an expiration date, mark the bottle with the day you bought it and toss it out two to three years later.

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