Is Using Liquid Nitrogen While Cooking Safe?

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According to Chef Steps, "cooking" with liquid nitrogen is similar to placing items in a deep fryer, but it uses extreme cold instead of scalding heat.

If used properly, liquid nitrogen can provide cooks with temperatures and textures that would otherwise be difficult to achieve using more traditional cooking methods.

The temperature of liquid nitrogen is minus 320.44 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that boiling occurs at normal temperature and food can be frozen rapidly.

Modernist Cuisine asserts that liquid nitrogen is less risky than sizzling oil because chefs can create crispy gels and crunchy meats without fear of getting burned by splashes.

Also, consuming anything that has been submerged in liquid nitrogen may sound dangerous, but once the liquid nitrogen has cooled the food, it evaporates.

Liquid nitrogen must be stored in insulated, vented canisters, and most cooks should wear frostbite protection when handling it.

Only people who have received proper training should attempt to use liquid nitrogen for flash-freezing food items like fruit, herbs, candies, chocolate, or ice cream.

If you wish to try this chilly culinary approach, we recommend doing so with caution.

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