Know How Pasta & Pizza Sauce Are Different?

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We've all done it: paused at the pantry door, eyeing the pasta sauce we'd forgotten about, and pondered whether or not it would work on pizza.

Pizza and pasta sauces are both variations of Italian tomato sauce. While they have similar ingredients, they're prepared differently for distinct recipes.

It's about Cooking!

According to Kitchn, there is a significant distinction between these two sauces. Most pizza sauces are uncooked.

Pizza Sauce are Undercooked.

Generally, tomatoes are crushed or pureed to produce a tasty pizza sauce. In many circumstances, that is the extent of production.

Occasionally, some seasonings or tomato paste may be added to the sauce to help it thicken, but that's about it.

Pasta Sauce are Fully Cooked

Pasta sauce, on the other hand, has many more components and is virtually always prepared, according to My House of Pizza.

Because the sauce may be the only thing you're serving with the pasta, it needs to be cooked first to remove excess water and concentrate the flavors.

Pizza sauces are not cooked because they will break down in the oven after some time. As, some wood-fired brick ovens can quickly cook pizzas at 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

So it's crucial to leave the tomatoes raw so they can breakdown in this extreme heat. Additionally, using a cooked sauce could result in overcooking.

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