Know The Difference B/W Oat Milk & Dairy Milk!

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Oat milk may be as commonplace as cow's milk in cafes these days. There is no longer any doubt that non-dairy alternatives are growing in popularity.

Even if oat milk consumption is on the rise, it's fair to ask how it compares to the gold standard: cow's milk. What makes these two so different?

Oat milk is less nutritious than it seems due to the addition of emulsifiers, stabilizers, and sweeteners, despite marketing claims and environmental benefits.

Silk's oat milk, is made with filtered water, oat concentrate, and a variety of other ingredients (including less than 2% sunflower oil & a vitamin & mineral blend).

Although oats are packed with beneficial elements, it is not known whether those benefits are preserved in oat milk.

According to Today, oat milk is also somewhat lower in calories than full cow's milk, containing approximately 30 fewer calories.

Dairy milk contains around 13 minerals, including calcium, protein, and other vitamins. These nutrients have a variety of benefits, albeit not all of them are natural.

Oat milk is a popular plant-based alternative to cow's milk. Not always is this the case. Both have nutritional & personal preferences-based perks & downsides.

So, there are many pros and cons to both whole dairy milk and oat milk. Both can be used in moderation & according to taste.

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