Know These 6 Weird Facts About Our Nose!

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1) We usually breathe from one nostril at a time

Some researchers have found that humans breathe primarily via one nostril, then switch to the other. 

According to Live Science, "at any given time, humans do roughly 75% of their breathing via one nostril and 25% through the other."

2) Our nose humidifies air before it goes down to lungs

The nose is a vital organ because it regulates the moisture content of the air you breathe and thus helps keep your lungs healthy.

It does this by sending air via the conchae, which moisten and warm the air as it goes to the lungs.

3) Nose is an air purifier for us

Nose cleanses air before it reaches lungs. Airways are lined with sticky mucus that retains dust, bacteria, and other contaminants. 

Tiny hairs known as cilia move mucus from the nasal cavity to the back of the throat, where it is swallowed and neutralized in the stomach.

4) Breathing help you remember things better

Studies have shown that nasal breathing improves memory, and one such study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience in 2018.

A growing body of research on both animals and humans indicates that breathing plays a crucial role in the neurological and behavioral mechanisms underlying encoding and recognition.

5) Nose is responsible for voice tone

Perhaps your vocal chords are responsible for the tone of your voice, but your nose has a hand in it as well.

Your voice is produced in the larynx, but it is a buzzing sound. The richness of the sound is governed by how it is processed above the larynx in your nose and throat.

6) Your sneeze pattern is genetic

Scientists suspect that such sneezing tendencies are genetic, but the topic has not been thoroughly researched.

Similarly, it is believed that photic sneeze, or sneezing in response to witnessing a bright light, is also genetic. 

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