Low-Carb Sides That Are High in Flavor

Cauliflower tots, keto mac and cheese, and loaded grilled cauliflower are must-makes for your next cookout. They're great with iceburgers, cabbage wrap burgers, steak, and grilled skewers (these keto burger buns are great for a low-carb Big Mac).

These cheesy treats are better than the real thing. Both are great, but we love how golden the air-fried tots get. Try zucchini tots.

Cauliflower Tots

not entail Gruyère or white cheddar also work well. These kung pao Brussels sprouts are addicting.

Creamed Brussels Sprouts

This cauliflower mash recipe replaces mashed potatoes. Smooth and creamy steamed cauliflower? Cheese! Cream cheese adds richness to mashed potatoes.

Mashed Cauliflower

Classic mac & cheese contains many keto no-nos. This version omits pasta without sacrificing flavour. The optional pork rind topping adds a nice crunch.

Best-Ever Keto Mac & Cheese

Grilling avocados makes them tender, creamy, and smoky. You can eat grilled avocado simply dressed with lime juice and salt, our spicy garlic-oregano dressing (as we do here), or in guacamole or avocado-tomato salad.

Grilled Avocado

We love Brussels sprouts, which would surprise our 10-year-old selves. They make a great salty, crunchy snack and veggie side. This garlic-Parm variety is great with Caesar dressing, but ranch works too.

Brussels Sprouts Chips

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