Low-Maintenance Perennial Flowers: Peonies

Hardy peonies. Most states grow peony. These low-maintenance perennials can handle six hours of sun per day. Peonies' large, pretty, and fragrant blooms belie their easygoing nature. Few flowers in a vase look pretty.

Petunias thrive in spring, summer, and fall with partial or full sun. Why? Once a week is enough. Supertunia Vista varieties are low-maintenance and last longer in the south and moderate climates. Flowers bloom profusely without deadheading.


Begonias do well in shaded gardens, so they're a good choice. They can withstand drought and sun. These flowers grow well in containers or the ground. Surefire Begonias have thick, durable stems and large, non-deadheading flowers.


In full sun, these flowers can reach 3 feet tall. They thrive in shade, too. Fast-growing drought-resistant zinnias. Because they're annuals, they bloom quickly and all summer.

Low-Maintenance Annual Flowers: Zinnias

These low-maintenance flowers prefer full sun and only need deadheading to bloom into fall. They tolerate infrequent watering. Marigolds are pest-free and can be used to ward off insects in vegetable gardens.


Undemanding pansies bloom all spring with minimal deadheading. They're a popular fall bedding plant because they grow best in soil between 45° F and 65° F. Sunlight and well-drained soil are needed.


These spring and fall bloomers are hardy. Full sun and fertile soil are needed. A plus? Deer avoid them.


These flowers grow in any soil. They need little water once planted. Butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and other pollinators love them.


These annuals tolerate poor soil. In hot climates, they prefer afternoon shade. They're drought- and neglect-resistant. Because few pests bother these flowers, they'll look great all summer and come in eye-catching colours.


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