Men Hate These 10 Things That Women Wear

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1) Headbands

Women find headbands to be very classic and popular but don't get the good appeal from them. They hate the headbands. 

2) Super high-waisted pants

High-waist pants are out of mind for men. They feel women do not look much feminine enough with high waist pants.

3) Clogs

Men feel like nurses and hospitals with clogs. They feel dread with women who wear clogs. 

4) Excessive Makeup

Surely even some women would agree with this. Men don't like women wearing makeup, it look excessive.

5) Too much perfume

Perfumes should be applied only a little. Too much perfume is problematic for everyone. 

6) Fringes

Fringes are classic wear things for women, but men don't like hem or care about them. 

7) Shapeless maxi dress

Men don't find women attractive in shapeless maxi dresses as they are big and there are no curves. 

8) Clashing prints

Men find them too much and they find it bizarre. So these Instagram-worthy dresses are not great.

9) Too much accessories

Little accessories look aesthetic and great but too much look over and hide the appearance. 

10) Painted Brows

Women love there eyebrows and keeping them in shape but painting them does not look great & men hate those brows.

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