Men Want Women To Seriously Know These Things

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1) When men don't talk with you, it does not mean they don't love you!

2) Most times if he says nothing to your question, then it is not always a lie.

3) Women should tell men about their feelings and let them know. Men are not mind readers.

4) Women should try to understand and listen to men rather than just picking up a point and fighting. 

5) Women should know men are taught to suppress emotions, so they should be treated softly. 

6) Not all men are the same. Women need to understand this phrase rather than saying, all men are the same. 

7) Women need to give compliments to men but they need to be genuine & not continuous. 

8) Women should be ready to take real answers if they are asking about how they are looking. 

9) Men usually don't say 'I love you' it doesn't mean they don't love. It's just they are not  much expressive. 

10) Women think men don't like to be approached but it is not right. Women should approach as to why men should always approach. 

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