Mint Vs. Peppermint: Is There A Difference?

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Everything smells minty. Its grassy flavor lightens food and drinks. It's in vapor rub, cough drops, and several cold treatments.

However, not all mints are built the same. As with all other plant life, there are a plethora of subcategories and subvarieties within each umbrella term.

"Mint" refers to over a dozen plants, but we'll compare spearmint with peppermint, as it is commonly use as ''mint.''

According to the Mini Garden Guide, peppermint has a menthol percentage of 40% or more. Spearmint, on the other hand, contains only 0.5 percent menthol.

When compared to peppermint's more assertive aroma and flavor, spearmint comes across as more laid back.

As an ingredient in desserts and cocktails, peppermint is ideal for enhancing the flavor of chocolate and other heavy flavors.

Spearmint, on the other hand, pairs nicely with lighter spring and summer fare because of its mild flavor and its ability to counteract the menthol in winter drinks and foods.

MasterClass recommends using peppermint if you're making a cocktail or dessert, especially one that includes chocolate, because of its natural intensity.

So, use caution while selecting your mints; otherwise, the flavor you expect may be pleasantly surprised.

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