Mistakes Everyone Makes With Pizza

Pizza is a popular comfort food. It's saucy and cheesy with perfect dough. It's easy to grab a slice or have pizza delivered. Nothing beats making your own pizza.

Homemade pizza mistakes are common. As important as dough toppings is flour type. Want the best pizza? We'll see to it. Here are 10 common pizza mistakes and how to avoid them.

No one wants soggy pizza dough when making a pie at home. How you cook the pizza dough prevents this. The pizza's cooking temperature can determine if it's soggy.

Not Cooking At The Right Temperature

We know how easy it is to grab a jar of pizza sauce from the shelf. When making homemade pizza, jarred sauce may not be the best option. Many people make this pizza mistake, but you don't have to.

Store-bought pizza sauce

We know pizza dough is important. The pizza's middle should be warm and never soggy, while the crust should be fluffy with golden crispy edges. How you make the dough and how you let it rest are both crucial steps.

Pizza Dough Didn't Rest

Life has some givens. One is pizza toppings. You wouldn't add cheese first, right? (You could, but it wouldn't taste right.) Pizza toppings should be placed in a specific order.

Misordered toppings

When making pizza dough, you may not think about the flour. Instead, pull flour from your cabinet. For pizza dough, you shouldn't use just any flour.

Not Using Enough Flour

A dish's success depends on salt. Too much can destroy flavours, but too little can leave them bland. Salting sauce, greens, or pizza dough requires a delicate balance. Salting pizza dough incorrectly is a common mistake.

Oversalting dough

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