Most Powerful Animals In The World

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1) Grizzly Bear

Weight: Up to 500 pounds
Life Cycle: 10-35 years
Main Locations: America, Europe & Asia

2) Gorilla

Weight: 310-450 pounds 
Life Cycle: 30-50 years
Main Locations: Central Africa

3) Eagle

Weight: Up to 15 pounds
Life Cycle: 35 years
Main Locations: All habitable continents

4) Siberian Tiger

Weight: 475+ pounds
Life Cycle: 10-14 year
Main Locations: Russia, China, North Korea

5) Musk Ox

Weight: 400-900 pounds
Life Cycle: 12-20 years
Main Locations: Arctic North America to Greenland

6) African Bush Elephant

Weight: 6600-13000 pounds
Life Cycle: 60-70 year
Main Locations: Southern and eastern Africa

6) Blue Whale

Weight: 200 tons
Life Cycle: 80-90 years
Main Locations: Canada and the eastern U.S.

7) Anaconda

Weight: 550 pounds
Life Cycle: 10 years
Main Locations: Northern regions of South America.

8) Saltwater Crocodile

Weight: 900-1,200 pounds
Life Cycle: 70 years
Main Locations: Southeast Asia, eastern India and northern Australia

9) Lion

Weight: 420 pounds
Life Cycle: 8-10 years
Main Locations: Africa

10) Jaguar

Weight: 120-210 pounds
Life Cycle: 12-15 years
Main Locations: Southwest U.S. and South America

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