Most To Least Likely To Divorce Zodiac Signs!

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Aquarius is the least likely sign to marry in the first place due to their free-spirited personality. They are more prone to dissolve ties because they seek independence.


Sagittarius are not interested in typical committed partnerships, owing to their need to be free and open to change.


When dealing with disputes, Pisces might be too emotional and overly sensitive. As a result, they will most likely depend on their tendency to flee and leave the marriage.


Geminis are more likely to divorce than stay in a boring marriage because of their desire for new experiences or people.


If an Aries isn't experiencing the passion anymore, they won't have any trouble hunting for someone who won't hold them back.


People born under the sign of Leo are known to cut and go when things lose their luster, get too serious, or fail to bring them joy.


Despite their frigid fa├žade, they will not give up a companion worth battling for if they find them. However, if their beliefs alter, they may have to part ways.


Scorpios are assertive and decisive by nature, and if they are betrayed, there is no turning back. They'll leave in an instant, without a second thought.


Virgos will use their partnership to aid in internal growth and emotional healing. As a result, they are more inclined to attempt and make things work.


Capricorns will go to any length in a relationship before leaving. They believe that long-term relationships require mutual respect and honesty.


Cancers are devoted and compassionate since they are natural nurturers. They desire to feel at ease with their spouse.


Libras are symbolized by the scale and are associated with balance, harmony, and collaboration. They despise being alone, thus they usually flourish in relationships.

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