Most to Least Pretty Zodiac Signs

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1) Pisces

Meet the most beautiful zodiac sign. The title of prettiness goes to the water sign, Pisces. They are beautiful in all ways. 

2) Leo

From the beautiful button nose to their skin and their adorable eyes, everything makes them less attractive and pretty. 

3) Libra

The eyebrows of Libra make a unique place. And the eyes and hair too are great features of them. 

4) Sagittarius

The zodiac sign with thick and beautiful hair that everyone can't take their eyes off. 

5) Gemini

This zodiac has unique wavy hair and beautiful eyes, which makes them look great and stunning. 

6) Virgo

The cute bone structure of their body, their lips, and their appearance make them stand apart. 

7) Scorpio

Their eyes, Oh my God! They can make your heartbeat skip with their eyes and look. 

8) Taurus

The eyes and hair of Taurus make them beautiful and they are surely not an unattractive zodiac sign. 

9) Aries

The square face and jawline make them look beautiful and pretty. 

10) Capricon

They probably don't have many features but their personality talks more than their looks. 

11) Aquarius

Aquarius have square face cuts and high hairlines and they look pretty decent in their looks. 

12) Cancer

They may be the least pretty zodiac sign but they quite have great looks.

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