Most Well-Behaved Dogs You Can Own

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9) Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherds are one of the most behaved dog breeds. They are great with kids. They love playing and exercising, and engaging in activities. 

8) Miniature Pinscher

Miniature pinschers have strong personalities, but they are great and well-behaved dogs. Surely they are affectionate but want to be independent. 

7) Belgian Malinois

The dog which loves playing and has large spaces. They are gentle but are suitable for older children, not for toddlers and babies. 

6) Rat Terrier

One of the dog breeds is suitable for small apartments. This dog breed is great for seniors who can't go out much. 

5) Anatolian Shepherd Dog

They are quite large dogs, but they are affectionate & gentle for being in households. 

4) Portuguese Water Dog

The dog breed loves water and will be a great companion while boating. They are great family dogs due to their medium size. 

3) Black Mouth Cur

This dog breed loves being cuddled and having affection from its owners. They are well-behaved dog breeds. 

2) Rhodesian Ridgeback

Want a well-behaved guard dog? This dog breed is suitable for this, and they are well-behaved and intelligent too. 

1) Korean Jindo Dog

Jindo dogs are really loyal, and they make great pets with good skills and manners. They are the best well-behaved dog breed.

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