Never Clean These Things With Vinegar!

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1) Screens

Vinegar will remove the protective layer from your phone, tablet, and computer displays, so use a microfiber cloth instead.

2) Hardwood floors

Vinegar is not a good choice for mopping your wooden floors since its acidity will wear down the floor's finish over time.

3) Waxed furniture

Similar to waxed hardwood floors, waxed furniture should not be washed with vinegar because it can erode the wax. This will dull the appearance of your wooden furniture.

4) Stone benches & floors

Granite and marble benchtops are beautiful and expensive, so the last thing you want to do is use something that will degrade the finish, such as vinegar.

5) Unsealed or damaged grout

Vinegar is often used in DIY bathroom sprays. Vinegar will wear away grout that isn't sealed or has gaps and chips.

6) Cast iron cookware

If your cast iron pans have baked-on grease or grime, vinegar should not be used to clean them.

7) Knives

Cleaning knives with vinegar, which can corrode the metal and dull the blade, is not recommended. Instead, use warm water and soap.

8) Irons

Using vinegar on an iron can damage the inside metal pieces as well as the coating. This is true whether you use it to clean the outside or flush the water chamber.

9) Egg mess

If you drop an egg, use a moist cloth or paper towel to clean it up. Vinegar coagulates egg, making the mess worse and harder to clean.

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