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What are Cookies?

Sites you visit may store little text files called cookies on your browser to collect and track information. There are some that can be quite helpful.

Should You Always Accept?

When we're in a hurry to get to the good stuff, we often click "yes" or "agree" without giving it much thought. Should we, though? Doubtless not.

1) Sketchy sites

Be cautious when using a public Wi-Fi network to access an unencrypted website (these websites will have an unlocked lock icon next to the web address).

Without security, hackers can intercept cookie data. So, use your browser's private or incognito mode when using public Wi-Fi.

2) Third-party cookies

Click "refuse" if the cookie pop-up mentions third-party cookies. Accepting allows the website to sell your browsing data. The broker combines your online behavior with data.

The broker offers your profile to marketers who want to target you. This chain is endless. Once you lose ownership of your personal data, it's repackaged. True horror.

3) When using private information

If you do not feel comfortable sharing the information you are using or accessing on a website with an unknown third party, do not utilize cookies on that site.

Cookies should be avoided on websites where you do banking transactions, view your medical records, or use other confidential information.

If you accepted cookies on websites where you don't want your information to be collected, go to your browser's settings and select the "clear cookies" option.

How To Remove Cookies?

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