Picnic Food Ideas to Pack in Your Basket

I had to get the recipe for BLT pasta salad from a friend. This is my husband's favourite BLT sandwich. It's nice to serve on hot, humid Virginia summer days.

BLT Macaroni Salad

Picnic-inspired BBQ chicken salad sandwich. Our family loves these summertime sandwiches.

Chicken salad barbequed sandwiches

Our Fourth of July feast isn't complete without this potato salad. Grandma's recipe.

Potato salad grandma's

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a special-occasion treat. I've captured the same flavour in a portable snack. When I pull this out at a picnic, tailgate, or car trip, everyone is amazed.

Strawberry-chocolate snack mix

The hospital's nutrition department inspired this summer drink. I modified their recipe to make this sweet-tart drink.


I love cutting up fresh vegetables and tossing them with this dressing and dill. This summer salad is a staple.

Dill Garden Salad

A creamy lemon-dill spread flavours tender chicken between grilled French bread, lettuce, and tomato. Lunch or a light patio dinner

Chicken dilly sandwiches

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