Ranking Most To Least Manipulative Zodiac Signs

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1) Gemini

There is no one more manipulative than Gemini, The manipulation comes in their words as they stretch the truth and it no longer remains the truth & becomes the lie.

2) Scorpio

Their manipulative thing is that they demand your loyalty, and if not given loyalty, your truths &secrets can go public. 

3) Capricorn

Capricorn has a manipulative ability to think people are stupid and get things done from them in a way they feel superior.

4) Leo

The manipulative thing that Leo does is to minimize their appearance and looks so that others think they are innocent. 

5) Pisces

They have the ability to not take any reasonability for their action making them one of most manipulative zodiac sign

6) Libra

They show their charm and flirtation mixed with manipulation to manipulate others Their innocence is their manipulation. 

7) Aquarius

Aquarius manipulate people by ghosting them. They make you desperate and then get things done to you what they want. 

8) Virgo

They do passive-aggressive things to get things done. They drop hints and people picks up them without knowing it's Virgo!

9) Sagittarius

Sagittarius appear too nice and gets things done with their nice and sweet nature. They show it as kindness. 

10) Cancer

They will make things looks worse to manipulate others, Others will look at things as tragedy and Cancer will get their way!

11) Taurus

They will show the sad side of the story and show them as very innocent and the world has done bad to them, to manipulate you!

12) Aries

Aries is the least manipulative but they are still manipulative and get things done by not directly asking for things rather dropping hints!

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