Ranking World's Smartest Dog Breeds!

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1) Border collie

The Intelligence of Dogs ranks 131 dog breeds based on how smart they are. It says that the border collie is the smartest dog breed ever.

2) Poodle

The breed's emotional and cognitive intelligence receives high marks. In fact, according to Coren, the poodle is the second-smartest dog breed, right behind the border collie.

3) German shepherd

When it comes to intelligence, the German shepherd ranks second among herding dogs and third among all dogs, according to Dr. Stanley Coren.

4) Golden retriever

Due to their desire to please their owners, these canines can be counted on to behave consistently in a variety of circumstances.

5) Doberman pinscher

These tough, elegant-appearing, robustly athletic creatures are ideal guard dogs due to their fearlessness, speed, and stamina.

6) Shetland sheepdog

Shelties are exceptional at learning new commands after only a few repetitions because they are eager to please and motivated to keep trying until they succeed.

7) Labrador retriever

Coren ranks it as the seventh most intelligent dog breed, citing its extraordinary sense of smell and ability to make sound decisions based on it.

8) Papillon

Their cheerful, outgoing demeanor is accompanied by a strong aptitude for learning and obedience, as well as a desire to please.

9) Rottweiler

Because of their superior intelligence, loyalty, and awareness, rottweilers are frequently used in law enforcement, security, and other high-stakes roles.

10) Australian cattle dog

A challenge for city dwellers or those without the means to keep their small herder stimulated & occupied, the Australian cattle dog is highly motivated to perform its duties.

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