Rarest & Most Common Zodiac Signs

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The rarest zodiac sign is difficult to identify. Fortunately, some trends give us a good indication without surveying the world.

Rarest Zodiac Sign

Reader's Digest astrologer Lisa Stardust said Aquarius is the rarest zodiac sign. January and February had the fewest births, making Aquarius the rarest zodiac sign.


LiveWell cites U.S. data. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, February has the fewest births and the most conceptions.

Other Rare Zodiacs

The period January 20 through February 18 come under Aquarius. January's earlier dates fall under Capricorn, while February's later dates fall under Pisces.

Another potential explanation for February's rarity as a birth month is because it is shorter than the other eleven months of the year.

Most Common Zodiac

It is more likely to have a birthday during the summer and fall months in the United States, with August being the most popular birth month.

Other Common Zodiac

Assuming that August births are more prevalent in general, Leos (July 23 to August 22) and Virgos (August 23 to September 22) are the most prevalent signs.

In U.S.?

According to Astrofame, Scorpio is the most prevalent zodiac sign in the United States, however Scorpio dates range from late October to early November.

According to Time, the most popular birth month in the United States is September, and the most common birthday is September 9, which falls under Virgo.

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