Recipes for 40 Quick and Easy No-Bake Dishes

These 3-ingredient roll-ups take classic sandwich fillings and transform them into lightning-fast finger food. Pickle fans will be delighted with these.

Ham Pickle Roll-Ups

This quick and simple cheese ball recipe serves 24 people and only takes 10 minutes to prepare! It's crunchy, tangy, and slightly sweet—all of the best flavours in one dish!

Mini Cranberry Pecan Cheese Ball Bites

This dates appetiser features edible rose petals, pistachios, and cream. No wild roses needed. Everyone will love them.

Wild-rose and pistachio-stuffed dates

Bruschetta is a quick, delicious Italian appetiser. This quick recipe substitutes sturdy crackers for bread toasts.


Sun-dried tomato pesto bites are easy to make with store-bought mini fillo shells. The creamy filling is topped with sweet-tart sundried tomatoes, Parmesan, and herbs.

Tomato pesto bites

Marinated cheese is easy and make-ahead. If you're hosting a party tomorrow, start with this impressive but easy recipe.

Marinated Cheese

Shrimp and avocado puree fill French verrines. They're light, refreshing, and full of flavour, and you can make them the night before.

Avocado-shrimp verrine

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