Recipes That Are Perfect for a Juneteenth Cookout

No patio brunch or park-side picnic compares to the Black community's delicious and spirited barbeques. Juneteenth, or Freedom Day, celebrates the emancipation of slaves in 1865 and is often celebrated with a fish fry or barbeque.

Crispy Fried Red Fish with Spicy Remoulade

Juneteenth celebrations feature red foods like red velvet cake, strawberry pie, and red soda. Slaves weren't allowed to drink strawberry soda, so I made a dessert with it. They celebrated independence with red soda, so cheers to strawberry tarts!

Lasheeda Perry's soda tarts

I love fruit-filled pastries. It's easier than a pie, and you get to eat the crust first. This summery dessert sings with sweet filling oozing through biscuit cracks. Vanilla ice cream completes cobbler.

Strawberry Cobbler (Nikki Scott)

Fried dough never disappoints. Kid me loved doughnuts. I always asked for the biggest, which was usually the apple fritter. Juneteenth is a red-food holiday, so I'm swapping apples for raspberries.

Fritters by Lasheeda Perry

Summertime means succotash. This is my grandmother's best vegetable dish with a warm, Southern twist. It includes her favourite Southern vegetables.

 Summer Succotash

Green tomatoes are seasonal and have many benefits. They're firm, crispy, and brine-perfect. When fried, they're crispy, fresh, and slightly oily, which pairs well with comeback sauce.

Comeback Sauce-fried green tomatoes

Butter beans? Because of their creamy texture, Southerners call them lima beans. Succotash is a classic Soul Food dish made with butter beans, fresh corn, and tomatoes. For this salad, I added fresh summer veggies and herbs, plus a spicy, tangy vinaigrette.

Hot Sauce Butter Bean Salad

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