Should You Also Eat Cucumber Peels?

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Some foods require peeling prior to consumption. If we peel an onion or a banana, should we also peel a cucumber?

Eat Cucumber Peels Too!

Cucumber peels are safe to consume, according to WebMD. In fact, doing so will provide you with an increase in fiber and vitamin A.

They are nutritious

According to Livescience, the seeds and skin of the cucumber contain the greatest nutrients of the total fruit.


While cucumber peels can be beneficial to our health, WebMD experts caution that peeling cucumbers may be preferable in certain circumstances.

Additionally, microorganisms might adhere to the synthetic wax that is applied to the exterior of cucumbers to extend their shelf life.

While the wax is not toxic to humans, removing the cucumber's peel prior to consumption can reduce the danger of germ transmission.

Consider Organic Cucumber

Instead of removing the peel, consider buying organic cucumbers and rinsing them in warm, running water.

If you can't afford organic cucumbers, don't avoid them. Conventionally cultivated produce is healthier than none at all.

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