Should You De-Seed Tomatoes Before Making Sauce?

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The time-consuming process of removing the seeds from fresh tomatoes is one of the most hated parts of making a red sauce.

The seeds make the sauce bitter, according to common opinion. The verdict is yet out, though. It's a myth? Should you include tomato seeds in sauce?

In a word, maybe. That is debatable depending on whom you ask. Natural chemicals called "glutamates" are abundant in the gel covering around tomato seeds.

According to the source, glutamates have a delicious taste, but tomato seeds on their own don't have any flavor.

After simmering tomato sauces with and without seeds for 40 minutes, the outlet compared the two and found that tasters couldn't tell the difference.

However, not everyone agrees. This hypothesis, according to Bon Appetit, only applies to slow-simmered sauces, which not every home cook has time to prepare.

Culinary outlet Miss Vickie concurs that retaining the tomato seeds will result in a bitter sauce. In addition, it states that the seeds can drastically affect the sauce's consistency.

The excess liquid surrounding the seeds could dilute your sauce, and the seeds themselves impart an unpleasant texture.

According to Gardeners Yards, the skin can also be a big source of bitterness. So, if you have all day to cook, go ahead and roll the dice with your next sauce.

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