Should You Drink Water That Has Sat Overnight?

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It's normal to feel thirsty when you wake up because your body loses water while you sleep. Still, should you use the glass that you left on the dresser?

Never Drink From That Glass!

You are aware that drinking from an open glass is not hygienic. Overnight, dust, dirt, and even a mosquito can create a hazardous surface scum.

Not even from a bottle!

Even a bottle or pitcher is hard to handle because our skin is covered in sweat, dirt, skin cells, and mucus from our noses.

Drinking water that has been incubated for too long may once again contain harmful microorganisms.

Drink in one sitting!

If you are going to drink from a bottle, you should finish it in one sitting and then discard it.

Individuals with weakened immune systems should avoid drinking water that has been sitting out overnight.

Don't directly sip from bottle!

Do not put your mouth on the bottle, either. It's easy to use; just pour it into a cup or swallow it whole. If you do this, you'll be able to drink more from the bottle.

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