Should You Wash Feather Pillows?

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Your feather pillows provide a comfortable, cozy sleep every night. They may get flat or emit unpleasant scents over time.

Sweat, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, and daily use make pillows unclean. So, can you wash pillows like pillowcases, or would it ruin them?

Yes, Wash Them But, 

When feather pillows get dirty, don't wash them. Down & Feather Company says machine-washing down is for emergencies.

It would be unfortunate to ruin the pillows while attempting to recover them, so keep the next coming cleaning tips in mind.

Avoid Detergent!

When washing feather pillows, avoid detergent. The inherent oils on a feather make it waterproof which is amazing.

This is important to notice because, although feathers are designed to repel water, detergents can inhibit this property by washing away the oils.

If they truly need to be washed, take them out of their cases and set them in the washing machine on a mild cycle with only water.

Cycle Options

To avoid an uneven spin cycle, it's important to remember to put two pillows in the machine at the same time.

This will keep things from clumping together and making a loud thumping sound, and it will also let water drain out of the pillows.

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