Sick of soup? Try these 20 other slow-cooker recipes

Slow cooker recipes are easy, great for meal-prep, and don't require standing over a stove, but you can only make soup so often. Try one of these 20 slow cooker recipes besides broth.

We make barbecue chicken in bulk for multiple uses. You can use slow-cooked chicken for salads, sandwiches, bowls, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, grilled cheese, waffles, and more. Sugar Spun Run has a tasty recipe, but sometimes we just put chicken breasts and barbecue sauce in the slow cooker.

chicken barbecue

We love Buffalo wings for game day, cheat day, and any day. This kickin' chicken is even better in the slow cooker. Spend with Pennies has a no-deep-fryer recipe to try.

Buffalo Wings

We wanted chicken marsala and decided to make it in the slow cooker. Easy, cheaper, and safer than eating out—and just as tasty. Spicy Southern Kitchen's recipe doesn't require browning the chicken first.

Chicken Marsala

When it's cold, warm up with chilli. This recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod combines sweet potatoes, black beans, and avocado. This version is vegan-friendly.


Corned beef hash is served at more meals than a pizza bagel. Hash is cooked in a skillet, but corned beef is slow-cooked to perfection. African Bites has the recipe.

Corned Beef Hash

We like Foodtastic Mom's chuck roast slow cooker recipe. Our favourite part is that it only requires seven ingredients, unlike the famous crispy orange beer Chinese takeout dish.

Orange-crisp beef

Online recipes for slow cookers include French toast. Traditional French toast can be difficult, so we use a casserole recipe.


Slow cookers aren't just for lunch and dinner, remember? We said it. Exhibit B: Taste of Home's frittata recipe. Most frittata recipes include tomato and potato, but feel free to add your own spin, especially if you have leftover spinach, peppers, or anything else.


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