Signs That They Are Not Worth Your Time

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1) They don't give you time

If they are always busy & don't give you enough time, it means they don't value you and are not worth your time. 

2) Always cancel plans

Whenever you make plans, and they cancel, this is a big red flag. It definitely shows they don't care about you or your time & efforts. 

3) Always talk about themselves

In a relationship, it's about the US and not ME. So if they are always talking about themselves, that means something is wrong there. 

4) They don't listen to you

If your lover doesn't listen to you and always talks about themselves, it is a red flag. In a relationship, the persons need to listen to each other. 

5) They are always negative

If your partner is always criticizing others and complaining about things, that means they are not happy with their life ad not happy with you either.

6) No interest in your dreams & ambitions

If your partner has no interest in your dreams and ambitions, it surely means they dont care about you and are not worth your time. 

7) No care about boundaries

If you and your partner have no clear boundaries and they always are controlling & insecure, then it is a big no-no. 

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