Signs That You Are Addicted To Alcohol!

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1) Secret Drinking

Secret drinking may be tough to detect in others, but if you recognize any of the following in your own behavior, it's time to seek help.

It may be difficult to detect secret drinking in others, but if you recognize any of the following behaviors in yourself, it is time to seek help.

2) Alcohol Cravings

Alcoholism (AUD) is characterized by a strong desire to drink and an inability to quit thinking about it.

Also prevalent is drinking despite the personal risks associated with alcohol usage, such as drug interactions.

3) Blackouts

Alcohol-induced blackouts refer to a person's fuzzy memories of what happened while they were drunk.

It's possible for these blackouts to leave the person remembering nothing or to be so severe that the person loses all memory altogether.

4) Withdrawal Issues

Withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea and profuse sweating, may indicate severe alcoholism.

In addition to nausea and sweating, AWS can produce tremors, an accelerated heart rate, high blood pressure, and sleepiness.

5) Mood Swings

Alcohol is a depressive, and although it may initially make you feel elated, high, or enthusiastic, it can significantly worsen your mood.

Although alcohol may temporarily improve a person's mood, their disposition will gradually deteriorate.

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