Stop Buying These Things At Grocery Stores!

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1) Pre-sliced fruits & vegetables

If you can cut and prepare your own food, you should avoid buying pre-sliced produce. It is not worth the financial or environmental costs.

2) Bottled water

Unless your tap water is unsafe to drink, buying bottled water is a waste of money. Purchase reusable water bottles and fill them with tap water.

3) Salad dressing

Making your own dressings is a much better option in terms of time and money. When you make it yourself, there are no added fats, sugars, or calories.

4) Prescription Medicines

Getting your prescriptions filled at a drugstore could save you time and effort. Even the most widely used prescription drugs are more expensive at supermarkets.

5) Baking mixes

A boxed baking mix may seem like a time-saver, but all you're really getting is all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, and a whole lot of artificial preservatives.

6) Cut-up meat

It could be tempting to go out and buy a tray of pre-cut meat or chicken. Don’t. The cost was increased because they were cut to size for you ahead of time.

7) Shredded cheese

Cheese can be purchased in blocks and grated at home to save money. There are a wide variety of chemicals in the pre-shredded containers.

8) Premade salads

A lunchtime salad can be quite pricey at the supermarket. The fact that you have no idea how long the vegetables have been stored raises quality concerns.

9) Pet food

While you can find pet food in most grocery stores, the quality is typically low. Your best bet is to purchase your preferred brand from a pet store near you.

10) Diapers

Grocery stores understand that even exhausted parents have to buy groceries every week. For this reason, diapers cost so much.

11) Herbs and spices

Rather than buying spices and herbs individually, you can save money by buying them in bulk from a warehouse store.

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