Study Shows Ice Cream Is Better Than Multigrain Bagel, How!

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According to a new study from Tufts University in Massachusetts, ice cream is a healthier option than a multigrain bagel and other meals like saltine crackers.

Tufts researchers created a "Item Compass" to evaluate foods from 1 to 100 based on nutrition; the higher the number, the healthier the food.

A survey rated an ice cream cone with almonds and chocolate ice cream 37, a multigrain bagel with raisins 19, and saltine crackers 7.

Plain Fritos chips, which scored 55, and whole grain frozen french toast, which scored 35, also placed high.

With an average score of 16.4, snacks and sweets had the lowest position among the measured categories.

It is also not surprising that vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and seeds rank top. Average rating for starchy veggies was 43.2.

The average score for sugar-sweetened sodas was 27.6, while the average score for 100 percent fruit and vegetable drinks was 67.

The survey found that shellfish is the healthiest meat, with an average score of 67, followed by poultry and beef with average values of 42.67 and 24.9, respectively.

Eating Compass's publicly accessible score methodology enables a comprehensive approach to promote healthy food choices.

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