Sure Signs That Someone Is Lying

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1) Position of Feet

Excessive movement of feet or tapping is a sign of lying. Even more, if feet are pointed at different sides, it means the person is likely to flee, which means they are lying. 

2) They can't stand still

If they are continuously moving their body and have restless legs, it means they are likely to leave the conversation as they have lied. 

3) Fidgeting the appearance

If the person is suddenly setting their appearance, hair, clothes, or any other movement, this means they most likely have lied &  are distracting from it. 

4) Not making eye contact

It is a sure sign or easy to catch sign, that someone is lying. If they are not making eye contact and rather seeing here and there while talking, this means they are lying. 

5) Their body is tensed

If their body is tense and they are sitting or standing in a tight posture, it is more likely they are lying. As confident and true people stand in an relaxed body posture. 

6) Hiding the mouth

Another sign that can point at lying is either hiding the mouth or disappearing lips. People unconsciously want to hide their mouths to prevent others from knowing they are lying. 

7) They have changed body language

If the other person's body language has changed and they are more likely to appear differently or act differently it means they are lying. 

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