The 10 Best Cities To Live In The World!

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10) Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is notable for its business-friendly atmosphere and quality healthcare. Additionally, it receives top marks for startup, safety, and environmental quality.

9) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is bike-friendly. It's a great city for entrepreneurs. It's also culturally diverse and well-developed.

8) Toronto, Canada

Toronto is a financial, business, and film and TV hub. The startup index ranks it 10/10, making it a terrific destination for entrepreneurs.

7) Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt's travel connectivity, safety, and healthcare are rated well. It stands out for its business flexibility, which includes starting, closing, and operating a firm.

6) Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva boasts a lot of nature, strong education, and many recreational activities. Zurich's living costs are expensive.

5) Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is milder than Calgary but less sunny and rainy. Safe, clean, with a thriving economy and multicultural atmosphere.

4) Calgary, Canada

Calgary boasts strong safety, healthcare, and environmental quality scores and is one of Canada's sunniest cities despite its severe winters.

3) Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland's well-developed social market economy helps cities rank well for quality of life. Zurich is safe and well-connected by public transit.

2) Copenhagen, Denmark

Scandinavian cities have free education, healthcare, and low crime rates. Copenhagen's art and cuisine scenes are thriving.

1) Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria, was voted the finest location to live in the world for its infrastructure, healthcare, and culture and leisure options.

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