The 10 Smartest of Dog Breeds!

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1) Rottweilers 

Rottweilers are protective since they're working dogs. Police and military observed this dog's intelligence and kept the population alive.

2) Doberman Pinschers

Dobermans are among the smartest police dogs. The Doberman was bred to defend dog breeder Louis Dobermann, hence the name.

3) Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are faithful friends. Their mild demeanor makes them poor guard dogs but great service dogs for the disabled.

4) Labrador Retrievers

Labradors are superb communicators and can help the blind, deaf, and others with special needs. Reuters says they've been the top US breed for 28 years.

5) Poodles 

Poodles are renowned for their intelligence. According to studies, poodles have the highest memory and obedience scores, making them extremely receptive to directions.

6) German Shepherds

The German Shepherd's precision makes it the best-trained breed. German Shepherds may learn activities quickly and have a keen sense of smell.

7) Australian Shepherds

In keeping with their origins, these dogs will herd everything, including children, and require challenges to their stamina and intelligence to retain obedience.

8) Saint Bernards

As workers, these canines were able to locate and rescue travelers who had been buried by avalanches, greeting them with enormous smiles.

9) Great Dane

The Great Dane can adapt to confined spaces despite its size. Because they lean, sit, and plonk on the couch and their owners. Laziness makes them patient and sociable.

10) Akita Inu

Japanese dogs are programmed to protect their owners. Deep, dark eyes may look forgiving, yet these canines are always on guard.

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