The 20 foods that have the most vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for immune system health, body tissue maintenance, and other benefits. Women should take 70 mg of vitamin C daily, while men should take 96 mg.

Known as Barbados cherries, West Indian cherries, or wild crepe myrtles, acerola cherries are high in vitamin C.

Acerola cherries

Bell peppers vary. All are high in vitamin C, but the levels vary by colour. Yellow peppers have 341 mg, while green peppers have 95 mg.

Bell peppers

You only need a half-cup of blackcurrants to meet your daily vitamin C needs. Few people eat these tart berries raw, preferring jellies, jams, and preserves.


One cup of cooked broccoli provides more than 100 mg of vitamin C, more than men and women need daily. We'll skip chicken soup for broccoli cheddar the next time we're sick.


As kids, we hated broccoli and Brussels sprouts. As mom always said, we now think both of these veggies are great. A half-cup serving of broccoli has about 50 mg of vitamin C, like Brussels sprouts. Fiber, potassium, vitamins A and K are in the latter.

Brussels sprouts

Cantaloupe is often used as a filler in fruit salads, but it's delicious and healthy. One cup of cut or balled cantaloupe contains 65 milligrams of vitamin C, the daily minimum. It also contains potassium and vitamin A.


Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower are all different strains of the same plant species. With a cup of cauliflower providing more than 50 mg of vitamin C, it's no wonder people use it for rice and pizza crust.


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