The 5 Proudest Zodiac Signs!

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1) Leo 

Leo's ego is enormous! These individuals enjoy attracting the attention of everyone who will give them the time of day.

The Leo personality is the performer of the zodiac and just enjoys having all eyes on them, even though their pride can often tip over into vanity and bother others.

2) Scorpio 

The Scorpio personality is frequently described as the most secretive and intriguing of all zodiac signs.

Scorpio has a difficult time recognizing certain of their personality qualities and typically see themselves as modest and submissive rather than arrogant.

3) Aries 

Our Aries friends are not the type to lack confidence or display weakness, and they frequently use their courage to conceal what they perceive to be their zodiac sign weaknesses.

Aries always attempts to maintain a courageous demeanor, regardless of how embarrassing the circumstance may be.

4) Capricorn 

Capricorn chooses to hide behind arrogance and a colossal ego out of fear that others would criticize and look down upon them.

These individuals have difficulty dealing with negative opinions and act arrogant and brazen to prevent others from finding their true characteristics.

5) Gemini 

The self-assurance of a Gemini is unquestioned. No one has the right to try to change their minds about how unique and amazing they are.

They despise being contradicted and can become aggressive when others disagree with them.

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