The Best Way to Slice, Spears, or Chunk a Pineapple

Whether in a pina colada, in a fresh fruit salad, or on a pineapple upside-down cake, pineapple's tangy, tropical flavour is perfect for warm summer days and nights.

It's difficult to tell if a pineapple is ripe by sight alone due to its outer shell. The outer skin's colour can indicate ripeness.

Fresh pineapple buying tips

Pineapple chunks are great in salads, snacks, and parfaits. Spears can be grilled for desserts or used to flavour water or cocktails.

How To Cut A Pineapple

How to cut pineapple spears or chunks:

Rinse the pineapple's shell before cutting to avoid transferring dirt or germs to the fruit. Cold-water rinse the pineapple. Use a produce brush to remove dirt.

Wash pineapple.

"First, cut the top and bottom off the pineapple," Johnson says. Cutting the pineapple's ends and standing it up makes the next step easier.

2. Cut off the top and bottom.

"Remove the skin by cutting the outer peel from top to bottom," Johnson says.
Keep the knife near the skin to avoid removing too much fruit. If you cut deep into a pineapple, you'll waste the sweetest part.

3. Remove the skin.

After peeling, cut the pineapple into four vertical wedges.
The tough, bitter core is edible. It can also flavour water.

4. Cut the pineapple into wedges.

For pineapple spears, cut each wedge into vertical strips. Johnson says that you can get three to four strips out of a wedge.

5. Slice the wedges into spears.

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