The Deepest Lakes In United States

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1) Crater Lake

State: Oregon
Maximum Depth: 1,949 feet
It is the ninth deepest lake in World and the second deepest in North America.

2) Lake Tahoe

State: Nevada/California
Maximum Depth: 1,645 feet
It is the second deepest in the country and fourth deepest in North America.

3) Lake Chelan

State: Washington
Maximum Depth: 1,486 feet
It is the sixth deepest lake in North America and 25th deepest in the world.

4) Lake Superior

State: Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota
Maximum Depth: 1,333 feet
This lake is fourth deepest in the US and the eighth deepest in North America.

5) Lake Pend Oreille

State: Idaho
Maximum Depth: 1,150 feet
This lake is the ninth deepest lake in the North America Continent.

6) Iliamna Lake

State: Alaska
Maximum Depth: 988 feet
The lake is the third largest lake within the US territory.

7) Lake Michigan

State: Illinois/Michigan/Wisconsin
Maximum Depth: 923 feet
This lake is one of the largest & deepest lakes within the territory if the US.

8) Lake Ontario

State: Ontario/New York
Maximum Depth: 802 feet
This lake is shared by two countries, i.e., Canada & United States. 

9) Lake Huron

State: Michigan/Ontario
Maximum Depth: 750 feet
This lake is located between the Michigan state of US and Ontario state of Canada.

10) Seneca Lake

State: Michigan/Ontario
Maximum Depth: 616  feet
Seneca Lake is the deepest glacial lake in the US.

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